8 Ways to use Coconut Oil This Summer

Coconut oil is a tropical trooper whose benefits and versatility are being appreciated all over the world. Its awesomeness is particularly useful in the warmer months. Jenni from Coconut Magic shares her favourite uses for coconut oil this summer

1. Lip balm
Our lips need to be protected and hydrated in the summer heat as much as our skin does. Just rub a bit of coconut oil on your lips before heading out and top up as needed throughout the day. Coconut Magic has special 25ml jars, the perfect lip balm size!

2. Add to smoothies
Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your smoothies for that beautiful tropical flavor, boost in nutrition, immune strength, good fats and for better fat-soluble nutrient absorption! Add the oil in slow stream whilst your smoothie is blending to ensure it doesn’t solidify and become clumpy.

3. Skin hydration
In the tropics locals coat themselves in coconut oil before going out in the tropical sun. This replenishes our natural skin oils, builds the skins immune system and offers protection.

4. Dry/Damaged hair treatment
The summer sun and salty ocean can drain your hair of hydration and vital nutrients. To replenish all of this simply massage coconut oil into your scalp and throughout your hair, leave in for at least four hours. I find that overnight works best. Do this once per week, or even more frequently in summer months.

5. Insect repellant
Add some essential oils such as tea tree or rosemary and apply to your skin to help keep the bugs and mosquitos away!

6. Body scrub
Coconut oil is a natural exfoliator. Add a little coconut sugar to your oil to create a great scrub that will remove dead layers of skin and help you to maintain your summer glow!

7. Pre and post sun care
Coconut oil is an all over skin moisturizer and a great antioxidant too! It can be used both pre and post sun care to hydrate and soothe the skin. It has an SPF of 4 that can offer slight protection but other factors can influence your skins response to the suns rays so please take further care if needed.

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8. Treating skin irritations and bites
To soothe itchy bites and irritations add some lavender oil and apply generously to the affected area.

For more information on the incredible uses and benefits of coconut oil and other coconut products, combined with many plant-based recipes please grab a copy of Jenni's new book, The Healthy Coconut!


Article credit Jenny Madison, Coconut Magic