Experts warn that old makeup is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which can result in skin infections and damaged skin.

Dermatologist Dr Neil Persadsingh explained that expired cosmetics can lead to skin rashes, irritation, redness on the skin, and allergic reactions. 'Old mascara and eyeshadow can lead to infections of the eyes, lipstick can cause swelling of the lips" he said.

He also stated that other skin products should also be discarded after a period of time...sunscreen should be discarded after one year, serum after six months, shampoo after two years, loofahs and bath sponges after three weeks, deodorant after three years, shaving cream after two years, toothpaste after two years, mouthwash after three years, soap after three years, perfume after two years, and nail polish after two years.

So how how long should you keep your makeup before you throw it out?

Foundation: one to two years
Concealer: 12 to 18 months
Eyeliner: up to one year
Powder blush: two years
Eye shadow: two years
Liquid eye liner: up to one year
Lipstick: one to two years
Mascara: six to nine months or up to a year if stored well enough to maintain moisture
Nail polish: up to one year
Self tanner: six to nine months
Face moisturizer: six to nine months

Here are some tips to help keep your makeup free of bacteria

Ensure the lid on the your products is properly closed after use

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight - not the refrigerator as this can affect the quality of your makeup.

Wash your hands before dipping fingers into products

Clean your brushes regularly

Sources: Daily Mail Australia, All Woman Magazine